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At Sllick, our Virtual Finance Team provides specialised bookkeeping support to manage and prepare your accounts hassle-free. From carrying out one or two tasks to juggling all your bookkeeping needs, we can take care of as much or as little as is necessary for your business.

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Our team of chartered accountants is familiar with a range of accounting software and have experience with all aspects of bookkeeping. As tech experts and Xero Gold partners, we can also migrate your books online to the cloud accounting platform Xero, allowing you to automate your financial processes and records.

While our team is predominantly based in Glasgow and Aberdeen, working remotely has enabled us to support clients all the way from Macduff to London.

Typically, our bookkeeping services include but are not limited to:
  • Preparing and sending invoices
  • Reconciling bank account transactions
  • Banking cash
  • Credit control
  • Payroll
  • VAT returns
  • CIS returns
  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Annual accounts and tax

If you are looking for bookkeeping services not outlined above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are always here to help! Sometimes it’s difficult to ascertain whether you need a bookkeeper or an accountant for certain problems so here are some common tell-tale signs that you need a bookkeeper.

  • Bookkeeping is taking up more time and compromising on the work you put into other aspects of the business
  • Your books just simply aren’t adding up
  • You always seem to be behind on your bookkeeping
  • If you have an accountant, they may start to take care of your books
  • You begin receiving financial penalties

Outsourced bookkeeping services

Our outsourced bookkeeping services are all about alleviating work and stress so that you can reinvest your time in business development. If you are a business owner who typically finds themselves working evenings and weekends to keep up with your accounts, our goal is to help you prioritise your customers and the growth of your business. We go against the stereotype of the typical accountant whom you only hear from once a month. With Sllick, you’ll get regular, up-to-date, expert advice on financial decisions and the most appropriate next steps for your business based on your books.

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