Frequently Asked Questions

Why Xero?

In our experience, Xero is the best fit for most SME’s, it has more integrations than any other cloud accounting package and lots of tasks can be performed much more efficiently.

It has a good price point which is massive value for a lot of businesses.

The most important reason being that it is easy to use for people who aren’t from a financial background and clients love it. We are all about making things Sllicker and taking away the pain and Xero is a massive part of that.

I’m on Xero and it’s not working the way I want it to

Don’t worry we hear this all the time. Xero can be automated to do a lot of different tasks and be linked to different systems to automatically pull in information, but automated information is only as good as the set-up, if you automate it to bring rubbish in, then that's what you’ll get out.

There is an art to setting up a business properly, ensuring that all the processes are in place and that all the moving parts are set up correctly to maximise efficiencies.

If you’re in this situation, we can help, it’s our bread and butter, why not take a Xero Health Check.

How are you different from other accountants/my current accountant?

We work with the business to ensure they have the best systems in place to make them as efficient and reduce costs as much as possible.

We also want to get to know the business owner and make sure their business(es) is set up to work towards their goals, we do this by really understanding their own unique situation and regular communication, often monthly at a minimum.

We take away the pain where we can, working in real-time, giving you the best information and making sure there are no surprises and things are planned ahead of time.

We are Sllick and we want you to be Sllick too.

How do I know I’m in safe hands?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and our experience in not only the tech and accounting systems but also our accountancy experience.

Our team has a wealth of experience, most of which are Chartered Accountants and for the extra peace of mind, we are regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) where we have to demonstrate extremely high levels of knowledge, competence and ethics, alongside regular CPD to keep our knowledge up-to-date.

Always choose a Chartered Accountant versus an unqualified accountant.

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Let’s talk through the best option for you and see how Sllick can ease the stress.

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