About Us

The unicorns of the accountancy industry

Born in March 2020, Sllick came to be when we (Nicole & Robert) knew that the accounting industry needed to change and move with the times to better serve clients in a modern way. A lot of accountants claim to know cloud technology but very few actually do. We are the unicorns of the accounting industry.

about sllick

Human First,
Accountant Second

A big thing for us is being human. We are entrepreneurs ourselves so can relate to a lot of what businesses face, helping us see the pain points from your point of view but there’s a lot of weight in the statement “people buy from people” which is why you’ll always see at least one of our faces!
Robert & Nicole


adjective: sllick; comparative adjective: sllicker; superlative adjective: sllickest

  • 1:

    Word used to describe business processes that are smooth, efficient and automated

    "Oh boy that’s Sllick"

    Similar: efficient, automated, a wee bit jazzy, informative, smooth

  • 2:

    A business that has taken time and effort to improve their internal finances, by moving to the cloud and using a Virtual Finance Team

    "We are Sllick, are you?"

ACCA Qualified Accountants

We pride ourselves as being an ACCA regulated practice and both being ACCA qualified accountants with over 25 years of experience combined.

Xero Gold Partners

We are also super proud of being Xero Gold Partner Champions within 6 months of launching Sllick. We are truly Xero geeks and experts.


Our main ethos is to have regular contact with our clients and talk in a jargon-free, easy to understand way so that you are never left having to Google what we mean. We’ll always do our best to crack a smile and have a laugh too, cause nothing in life is worth doing if you aren’t having fun.
cloud based

UK Wide, Cloud based Accountants enjoy the benefits of both

With office in Glasgow and Aberdeen, we are perfectly located to help local businesses of all sizes based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and beyond.

But if you're not in Scotland, don't worry. The advantage of being cloud accountants, means we can also work with companies from all over the UK including London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Being cloud-based means companies throughout the UK can benefit from our specialist Xero knowledge. Of course, we’re more than happy to pop on a train to London, Reading or Birmingham, but modern technology means there’s no longer a need to do that… we can simply set up a Zoom call and be chatting with you in seconds. After all, we’re all about working smart!

Pre-Historic Processes

So if your accountant is still sending you paper accounts to sign or you think that a move to Xero is the right thing for your business, let’s talk. Book in for a discovery call now.

Contact Us

Clyde Offices,
2nd Floor,
48 West George Street,
G2 1BP
AB39 2WH
Hamilton Office:
1 Barrack St
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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