Xero Basics: 3 Most Frequently Asked Xero Questions

Today we answer some of the most frequently asked Xero questions we’ve had over the years. From what Xero can do for your business to apps that can augment your cloud accounting experience, we cover it all!

What can Xero do?

Starting from the basics, Xero can do any of the fundamental features needed in a cloud accounting software. Paying bills, VAT returns, claiming expenses, connecting to your bank account, accepting payments, and tracking projects are just a few of the software’s long list of features.

What Can Xero Do

While providing elementary accounting support, Xero also gives users the option to see advanced analytics about their finances through varying levels of subscriptions. Analytics Plus gives data on future cash flow, conducts automatic financial health checks, and tracks a variety of different metrics. For a full list of Xero’s basic features, have a look on their website here.

Can Xero do payroll and how does Xero payroll work?

A very frequently asked question we get is whether Xero has embedded payroll features and how these can be utilised. Xero does have a straightforward and easy-to-use payroll section which is included free for 3 months in the Starter, Standard and Premium subscription plans.

Xero’s payroll software covers all of the essential functionalities you may need to manage your employees.

  • HMRC requirements are fixed within the software and compliance information is updated regularly to ensure legal and fair accounting practices are automatically followed.
  • Xero will calculate the normally tedious aspects of payroll – such as taxes, pensions, holidays and sick leave.
  • Employees have the ability to view their payslips online, have their payslips regularly sent to them by email, and can request leave online.
    • Without having any other permissions granted on Xero, employees are able to request different types of leave (holidays, sick leave, or unpaid leave) while submitting a description to a selected manager.
  • Re-enrolment to pensions is also done automatically so employers do not need to spend time or admin on manually sorting this information.

Xero Payroll Features

Which Xero app should I use?

This is also one of our most asked questions as the Xero app store currently has thousands (yes, thousands!) of different applications and extensions to choose from. Whilst Xero allows you to search for apps based on industry and sector, this massive number of apps can become overwhelming to choose from if you are unsure what you are looking for. We’ve put together a short list of the apps we use with clients to give you a starting point on what your business might need.


  • Connect the office to the field, deliver exceptional customer service and gain invaluable business insights with automated processes, streamlined workflows and in-depth business reporting. simPRO is a leading job management software solution for service, maintenance and project contractors.


  • Make instant bulk payments to multiple employees, suppliers, customers and partners at once. Telleroo reduces your margin for error by pulling payment data directly from Xero, Staffology, or Payfit and includes an Automated Payee feature which means no more keying in payees. You can also make payments 24/7 (including bank holidays) and bank payment files have no expiry.


  • Reducer is an all-in-one connected purchasing platform that helps users to find, choose, and make savings on their business essentials. In just a few clicks, Reducer connects to your cloud account to find accurate savings based on the spend data in your bill attachments. Their team of experts talk you through your personalised supplier recommendations and handle any switches you choose to take.


  • Expensify automates your preaccounting processes and helps you manage your expenses in the form of an easy-to-use application. Its features include one-click receipt scanning, credit card import, multi-level approval workflows, tax tracking, and corporate card reconciliation.


  • ApprovalMax extends online accounting platforms with approval-driven financial controls for accounts payable and accounts receivable. ApprovalMax builds upon Xero and QuickBooks to automate approval for accounts payable and accounts receivable. It provides multi-role and multi-tiered review and approval automation workflows for purchase orders, bills, sales invoices and credit notes.


  • Hubdoc is a digital assistant that automatically fetches and sorts all of recurring bills and monthly statements. Your data is stored securely on the cloud, making it easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Hubdoc also allows you to take photos of receipts, send invoices directly to your email, or even scan documents that you can upload to your online storage. It then converts all of these different documents into data which you can use whenever you need.


  • Float is an easy-to-use budgeting and cash flow management platform that helps users visualise day-to-day incomes and outgoings, detailed budget information, as well as providing options to import invoices, bills and spreadsheets. Notably, Float provides scenario planning opportunities, with users able to plan for "what if" situations using their current finances.


  • Goodtill offers POS (point-of-sale) solutions for businesses within the retail, hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries. From table ordering and stocks, to multi-site management and integrated web orders, Goodtill combines interactive interface, stock management, reporting, and online ordering to automate your customers' experience.

At Sllick, we specialise in finding the best combination of cloud applications to automate your accounts. Every company requires a different, tailored solution to gain the most from their digital journey and we’re here to create the roadmap for you.

Book a free discovery call with Sllick now and see how your business can make the most of their financial processes. We arm you with the knowledge to get things right, from the start!

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