Poker Sing

Why would a singer and a poker player start an accountancy practice?

Who we are

So our story is a bit different from the traditional accountant. Robert used to play poker professionally and Nicole used to sing professionally. Bet you don’t hear that often?

As well as that titbit, we are vastly experienced qualified accountants and tech experts. We pride ourselves on being approachable, honest and helpful.
We are Sllick, helping businesses become Sllicker through Apps, Accounts & Automation.

Why we are different

You might feel like you only hear from your current accountant when there is a deadline looming or there is a bill to pay. And that’s fine. You have to meet deadlines legally and it’s great to know that someone is looking after that side of things for your business.

But what about when you want more? What about the non-compliance side of things? What about talking about growth and next steps for your business? Who do you turn to when you are looking to change your accounting system or wanting to improve your internal processes? Well, that’s where we come in.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond with no surprise bills. We work on a monthly fee basis so you always know what you are paying.

As standard, we talk to our clients regularly, with focused monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly catch ups. That’s our minimum. We believe having ongoing pro-active conversations throughout the year will be more beneficial for you to help you meet your business goals – and also assess the financial implications of your decisions in real time.

We have worked in the app and cloud accounting space for over 14 combined years and know Xero inside out. We understand the Apps, we understand the Accounts and we understand the Automation.

Why we started Sllick

Cloud technology has changed the way businesses operate and accountants traditionally aren’t able to support this quickly changing environment. On top of our accounting knowledge, we understand this technology and modern business practices. We don’t like manual entry or paperwork either.

Sllick was set up to be fully remote and all of our systems are cloud based. It means we can work with clients all over the UK and aren’t limited geographically. We were born in the cloud.

born in the cloud

By having better, more connected apps, you can become more profitable, more efficient and have better visibility around the numbers. You can become more Sllick.

Click here to find out how we can help your business.

Keep an eye out for our next blog where we talk about starting our business and having to deal with an Uninvited Guest.

Contact Us

Clyde Offices,
2nd Floor,
48 West George Street,
G2 1BP
AB39 2WH
Hamilton Office:
1 Barrack St
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