We had an uninvited guest at our launch party

There is nothing worse than when you are throwing a party and someone turns up that was definitely not on the guest list. What’s even worse is when that uninvited guest decides to hang around and not leave for the whole party.

Well, that happened to us.

The Party

We launched Sllick back at the start of March 2020 (a distant memory now…) and were so excited. We had been planning for months and months, trying to get everything ready to go from picking our name to designing our website, curating our brand to getting our Instagram tag (it’s @Sllick.io btw, go and follow us).

We had organised some great events teaming up with the likes of Xero, ReceiptBank and Float to help showcase the power that these amazing apps can have when set up correctly within businesses.

We wanted the flexibility of working anywhere at any time so our set up was completely cloud based (online) and accessible anywhere with an internet connection. We weren’t restricted to office space or desktop PC’s and cabinets full of papers. Great.

Robert & I communicated completely through Teams video calls, occasionally joined by Mia (Robert’s dog) or myself wrapped in a blanket. We were rocking WFH (Working From Home).

And then Coronavirus showed up uninvited. Ughh…

Covid V McLovin

“I am McLovin!”Fogell – If you haven’t watched Superbad before, go and watch it right now.

The After Party

We were watching daily briefings from the chancellor trying to understand what the government was going to do to support our clients, we were setting up Facebook groups to try and offer business owners support and free guidance. We were trying to understand what on earth Furlough was, why everyone seemed to know what it was as if it had been around for years and also, how on earth do you pronounce Furlough?!

“We’ll do a Zoom” became normalised chat, “Can you see my screen” was rolling off of everyone’s tongues and before we knew it, we were no longer having to send instructions on how to have a video call.

We were seeing businesses being propelled into our way of working but without the systems and processes to go with it.

The Clean Up

We have spoken to so many businesses who have put off moving to the cloud for years. It’s easy to put things like processes and procedures to the bottom of the to do list, and I get it.

There’s a lot of work goes into overhauling the way things are done from understanding what you are trying to achieve, where to even start and making sure your team is also accepting of change.

But now more than ever, it is so important to know the numbers. 9 months after the year end is not helpful for anyone. Real time data is needed now so you can make informed decisions.

That’s what we do at Sllick. We help businesses understand what they want to achieve by moving to Xero for their accounting, whether it’s possible for their needs and how it would work for their business. We aren’t selling you apps you don’t need or moving you onto Xero to hit targets. We are there to help and advise to ensure your processes in the cloud are efficient and right for your business.

The Hangover

We started our business at the start of global pandemic, and we were as panicked as you likely were.

Our key takeaways are:

  • Get the right systems and processes
  • Speak to each other – it’s a scary time for everyone
  • Adapt to change and keep an open mind

We think ourselves lucky that we had little time to dwell on history and just got cracking. We will forever be thankful that we are here to tell the tale but there’s still a long road ahead for most businesses. Successful businesses need to adapt and pivot quickly, making decisions faster than ever before.

If the report you are looking at is more than a month out of date, have a think about whether that’s enough for you to make a decision on. Maybe it’s time to invest in a Sllicker way of working.

If you are thinking about moving to Xero or to any other cloud based app and would like some expert advice, get in touch and we’ll be happy to make it as seamless as possible.

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