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One thing I hear a lot, is our business is ‘too big’ for Xero or our business won’t work in the cloud. When considering moving your business on to the cloud, turnover level has absolutely zero impact on anything.

On more complex businesses, it may have to consider slightly changing processes to get the most of the efficiencies and automation which these systems offer, although almost every business will have options. Below are some of the jobs we have moved to Cloud recently:

Design Agency – London - £11m Turnover:

  • Client was on Dimensions Software, was looking for more automation and reduce the manual processes within the business;
  • 3 Xero Accounts were set-up for the 3 entities (1 UK, 1 US & 1 Singapore)
  • The final set-up for the client included Scoro, Xero, fixed asset register, tracking and budgets;
  • Using the integration between Scoro and Xero we were able to automatically bring the invoices into Xero which suited the clients reporting requirement;
  • The client had always worked with historical information but was now working with Real-Time Information analysed out to new cost centres, plus comparing to budget and to previous year;
  • The client was blown away with the time-saving as very manual processes historically had become very automated and sped up the speed and quality of the Management Information.

Advertising Publications Business – Glasgow - £4m Turnover:

  • Client was on Pegasus Software, was looking for a more efficient set-up and a more user-friendly set-up for Staff;
  • Following scoping we set the client up with Xero, Xero Payroll, Xero Expenses, Receipt Bank, fixed asset register, credit control automation and budgets;
  • Staff loved the new set-up, with a portal to view and download payslips and an App on their phone to submit their expenses;
  • The accounts department loved the automation and speed in which they could prepare the monthly accounts;
  • Credit Control was improved incredibly with 16 unexpected payments received in the first 2 days of setting-up the automation;
  • Overall cost saving was around £50k per annum (credit controllers was time rich and worked in events department (a £30k p.a. annual cost to hire for the 9-month period each year) + £10k reduction in annual software costs + >£10k in postage, print and storage costs).

Software Logistics (Oil Industry) – Aberdeen - £38m Turnover:

  • Client used Accelo Software which they wanted to continue to use and wanted to move from Sage to Xero;
  • The main drivers to change were timely information and efficiency improvements;
  • We worked with Accelo around the Xero integration ensuring all the information which was automated to Xero was correct and as efficient as possible;
  • The final set-up included Accelo, Xero, Receipt Bank, Expensify, tracking, budgets and bespoke reporting (including some Board Packs for Norwegian Parent Co.);
  • Client Monthly Reporting information was usually prepared 3 weeks after the end of the month and took around a week to pull together, this was reduced to preparing around a week or so after the month-end and taking less than a day to analyse and prepare fully.

Wholesaler – London - £6m Turnover:

  • The client was looking for a stock system initially and wanted a cloud-based accounting system to link it with;
  • CIN7 was the perfect choice for the client and Xero met all their requirements for the rest of the processes within the business, a priority being the Making Tax Digital (MTD) link to the HMRC portal;
  • The client opted to do the set-up in Phases, Phase 1 included CIN7, Receipt Bank, Xero and bespoke reporting. Phase 2 was to add in Xero Payroll and Phase 3 includes budgets, expenses, cash-flow and scenario planning and Invoice Finance;
  • Client now has a lot more visibility around stock (some bonded & unbonded), location of stock, profitability of each item etc. with the information flowing to Xero to give a really robust set-up with efficiencies and added value in many different areas, and also being fully compliant.

Software App – 3 locations across England - £4m Turnover (In Progress):

  • Client uses Sage 200 and is looking for a more modern set-up to improve efficiencies and bring down the monthly software cost;
  • Following scoping the client has multi approval levels for Purchase Orders and Expenses and the budget holders budget straddled 3 businesses;
  • We produced a full process guide included the role each App and System will have for all the processes of the businesses;
  • We are in the process of setting up the 3 businesses on Xero (2 UK entities and 1 US entity) along with Hubdoc, Expensify, Approval Max, Fixed Assets, Tracking, Xero Payroll and Bespoke Reporting;
  • The client is already really impressed with the automatic bank feeds, the easy process for approval levels for both PO’s and expenses, how much more efficient the invoice process looks and the ease at how Xero handles multi-currency.

As you can see Xero can cater for very varied businesses with very different needs and wants, across many different sectors. Making the most of the App eco-system which exists can lead to more complex businesses moving fully to a cloud set-up, becoming more automated, gaining efficiencies, obtaining better management information and saving money.

A big caveat to all of this is to make sure you engage with experts who understand the products and how a set-up can work together, if you automate rubbish in, guess what comes out?

Most of the set-ups we do for clients are in the £500k to £4m range although we work with businesses of any size who are keen to improve their current set-up. We will scope the project and fully understand the business and it’s processes, set-up the system for the client, offer training onsite or remotely and provide support to get your team fully up and running with the new systems.

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